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Antique Jewelry

Inv. #22236, Added on 08/14/2020
Art Deco Coral Necklace with Diamond Catch c1920 French

Our Antique Jewelry Collection includes pieces from the mid-1700s to the early 1900s. Antique Jewelry must be 100 years old or older. The Antique Collection spotlights pieces that have a stylistic relevance to the fashion needs of modern women. Special attention is paid to the vetting process with a focus on rarity and original condition.

Estate Jewelry

Inv. #22287, Added on 09/04/2020
17.38ct Aquamarine Ring 18k 2020 American

Our Estate Jewelry Collection is all about quality and character. Whether it is a Period Piece, a classic, or modernist confection, our Twentieth Century Jewelry features superior gemstones and superb fabrication. Many pieces in the Estate Jewelry Collection are one-of-a-kind handmade pieces from European ateliers or fine American goldsmiths.

Signed Jewelry

Inv. #21488, Added on 11/23/2019
Louis Vuitton Charm Bracelet with Lock and Keys 18k c2000s France

Our Signed Jewelry Collection spans the globe including Contemporary, Period, and Antique Jewelry from the dynastic Houses, as well as Art Jewelers, and important regional firms. These pieces are chosen for their outstanding design and superior quality; they share a common heritage of startling beauty and artistic verve.